Unbeatable service for fast availability

Unbeatable service for fast availability

Service is top priority at HSP. This applies to the overall process-related responsibility for the products contained in an order. The emphasis on service begins at the materials procurement stage and continues to the stockpiling and storage of adapter sleeves, withdrawal sleeves, locknuts and shaft nuts. It also typifies the logistics and mounting elements of our operation. We are particularly keen to ensure that our products are made available as quickly as possible.

Storage and logistics

Our storage and stockpiling of parts as well as our logistics operations are characterised by the efficiency of their processes. From in-house availability managed by HSP to just-in-time delivery based on buffer stocks, we rely on innovative and sustainable procedures.

The idea is to minimise storage costs and reduce throughput times by taking charge of the process chains. This enables us to assume responsibility for ensuring product availability.

Mounting and product preparation

We take the hassle out of component mounting. On request, we are happy to provide ready-to-install products and even turnkey solutions. We also give our customers the best possible service when preparing individual parts.

For example, returns are subjected to standard checks based on fixed conditions, and the cost of reconditioning is estimated, if required. If an order is placed, the customer receives a product in almost mint condition and ready to use again.