Our products

Our products

High-tech components for reliable use

The HSP production range covers adapter sleeves and withdrawal sleeves, as well as locknuts and nut locking devices with Diameters up to  4000 mm and lengths of up to 600 mm. We also offer special types of product on a supplementary basis (e.g. unusual bores and threads, metric and imperial dimensions, special surface treatments, etc.). We also produce components for bearings of up to 4000 mm using complex milling and drilling processes.

Withdrawal sleeves product codes start with AH or AHX. The X refers to a DIN revision index, which has now become standard.

Adapter sleeves are always supplied with a locknut and locking device.

Locknuts are used to install, remove and secure bearings and other machine parts.

We use our CNC lathes (equipped with a six-jaw compensation chuck) and our five-axis machining centres to produce high-quality bearing cages from s

We also produce special parts and milled parts, mainly in accordance with customer specifications and drawings.