Expert advice for our customers

Expert advice for our customers

Expert advice is taken seriously at HSP and covers two main areas. The advice we give our customers, based on our expertise and wealth of experience, deals with both the feasibility of optimised production sequences and the full range of questions relating to products such as sleeves and nuts. We are happy to work together with our customers to optimise the design of their products, by finding the most efficient solution from a production perspective. We provide product-specific training on request.

Feasibility advice on optimised production processes and sequences

All offer processes at HSP are subject to a technical feasibility analysis, which focuses primarily on our own areas of operation in tool and machine technology. However, we also subject each project to a thorough examination to see whether it fits to us.

This involves a critical assessment of our production expertise from a cost perspective, based on customer requirements. We then discuss potential solutions with the customer.

Product advice for sleeves and nuts

For more than 65 years, HSP has been an expert manufacturer of adapter sleeves, withdrawal sleeves, locknuts, shaft nuts and bearing cages. We are happy to share our product and market knowledge with our customers directly, either by telephone or in person.

This ensures that bearings get the right sleeves and variations in manufacturers' product codes are transcoded. Customised Products are designed on request.