Withdrawal sleeves

Withdrawal sleeves

Product Codes

Withdrawal sleeves product codes start with AH or AHX. The X refers to a DIN revision index, which has now become standard. The product codes for withdrawal sleeves with oil grooves and oil ducts use the letters AOH or AOHX. Withdrawal sleeves whose product codes contain AOH or AOHX always have oil ducts in the bore and on the taper. Sleeves with the code numbers 240.. and 241.. have a 1:30 taper, all the others have a 1:12.


Since 1997, there have been withdrawal sleeves with the suffix G. The G indicates a change of thread size. With withdrawal sleeves and adapter sleeves having different thread sizes, attempts have been made to standardise them. These standardisation efforts are inspired by a desire to reduce nut variation.


All adapter sleeves can also be manufactured in G-version. Moreover, adapter sleeves with an outer diameter up to 4000 mm can also be manufactured on request.

All sleeves with bore code 32 or above are delivered with oil ducts for hydraulic mounting.
All sleeves can be delivered with unusual metric inner diameter or with English or American inch bore.

Bezeichnung d1 l (mm) G
AH 2314 65 65 M 85x2
AH 2315 70 69 M 90x2
AH 2316 75 72 M 95x2
AH 2317 80 75 M 100x2
AH 2318 85 80 M 105x2
AH 2319 90 85 M 110x2
AH 2320 95 90 M 120x2
AH 2322 100 98 M 130x2
AH 2324 110 105 M 140x2
AH 2326 120 115 M 150x2