Our top priority: sustainability

Our top priority: sustainability

At HSP sustainability is not just window dressing. It lies at the very heart of our philosophy and we actively promote and practise it across all parts of the business. We achieve sustainability in all our processes thanks to a strategy concept which we live out in full. This underpins our behaviour and economic activities and is adhered to by all our employees.

Demonstrating corporate responsibility

As a company, we have a duty to show an example to the wider society. Our sustainability concept plays a part in this, in as much as we try to contribute to the general good at all levels of the company (i.e. inside and outside the company as well as in our dealings with third parties). For example, the use of standard processes minimises waste and alternative solutions are devised and offered as required.

Sustainability in all processes

At HSP sustainability reaches way beyond the production process. The company's approach to product policy, investments, and markets is also defined by the drive for sustainability. Using the latest technologies and innovative production processes enables the company to promote sustainability even further and plays a big part in opening up new markets and reducing costs.